We did all the research and ran the numbers behind what it really took for a small business to bring in more local customers. Now we want to share our experience with others.

Like other small businesses we started as a legal software company and we needed help getting the word out. We spend a lot of time on marketing, but even more time on learning how to market our services. Because social media is so new and constantly changing we couldn’t keep up. Now we are saving businesses a lot of time. Don’t make the same mistake we did and learn from ours. Now we know the key principles to social media, and we stay on top of changes to help other succeed.

We offer a few simple, but power full products to get you going.

1. Social media training videos that teach you how to do your own SEO, Adwords, and Organic lead generation.
2. Social media stickers to help you attract local customers and explode you social media marketing growth.
3. Full service support and consulting for those who are in a unique marketing situation, or those who would rather have us do the work for them professionally.

Today we help countless small businesses get their social media into gear an find success with their marketing efforts.

Thank you!