How Google Reviews Can Help Your Business

By alexey.nbs, 10/26/2012 - 15:51

Many business owners always ask the question, “How can Google reviews help my business attract more customers”?
What most people don’t understand is that Google places should be the first tool a business should set up to help them get their online presence. You can spend thousands of dollars for a fancy website, you can spend thousands of dollars for SEO, and you can spend thousands of dollars for online ads. These tools are great to help your business’ web presence, but before any of that, make it a priority to set up you Google Places Business page. This will make it easy for locals to find your business. The best part is, it's completely free.

Let’s pretend that we are looking for a dentist in New York City. The phone book is outdated and out of the question. The first thing we are going to do is get on our computer or phone and search “Dentist New York City”. The results will then show a few “Featured ads on top of the page. (These businesses pay a lot of money to be there.) Below that you will see a list of seven businesses that are shown on google maps. This is called the Google 7-pack. The nice thing about the 7-pack is that it shows your business website, your contact information, your location, and Google reviews. It is very valuable to be in the Google 7-pack. As you look at the listings you will notice that below the name of each business you will see how many reviews they have and what their review score is. Now you have to make a decision, which dentist are you going to choose? Would you be more inclined to click on or call the one with 5 gold stars and some great reviews, or the one with no reviews, or worse yet, one or two reviews that are horrible? Which do you think your next potential customer would click on? The answer to this question is pretty obvious.

This example shows how valuable and important it is to have positive reviews. It is ever important to start putting a system in place today to obtain Google Places reviews for your business from your customers. Now the next big question is how do I get customers to write positive reviews?