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The Power of Facebook "Likes"

By alexey.nbs, 10/26/2012 - 15:51
Small business social media marketing.

With a little over 1 billion users, Facebook is by far the dominant social media platform on the web. This much traffic makes Facebook a great place to market your business. No wonder there is so much hype about getting Facebook likes on your business page. Before you put together your page, it is important to know how likes can benefit your business. Here are three main ideas that will help you understand how Facebook likes can help:

1. Think of “likes” as a potential lead. Behind every like, there is a person who is interested in what your business does. The more likes you get, the more potential leads you have.

2. Every time someone likes your business page, it will display this activity on their news feed. This allows all of their friends to see that they like you. Think of it as word of mouth advertising, they are recommending your business to their friends.

3. Pictures and post that you place on your wall can also be liked. This will also be displayed on their news feed. This allows all of their friends to see that they liked your picture, or wall post. It’s important to have good content that will attract new people to your page.

Now that you know how Facebook likes can benefit your business, find out your basic objective you want to accomplish on Facebook. What do you want Facebook to do for your business? Get more customers in the door, build brand awareness, or create a venue for customer support? Once you have determined your objective, it’s time to find a game plan that will best fit your needs.